Jose Bermejo, MBA

A real conversation with my mom to understand what late product adopters are looking for

Every day, there is a new story that the predictable adoption of innovations by Everett Rogers can explain (yes, we can predict it and reduce the product failure rate).

Today is a conversation with my mom. And I love to share it with you!

Some context: I arrived last week…

Validate your idea with this 5 steps framework and the real case on how I made it

I‘ve learned as a founder and startup mentor that business idea validation is not a one-step waterfall process. Instead, it is an agile loop process with several factors to validate before moving on and investing more time and money.

The sooner we launch, learn and pivot or adjust, the sooner…

Key Takeways of a talk about innovation adoption with Warren Schirtzinger, cocreator of the “Chasm” framework

Last Thursday, I was lucky to interview Warren Schirtzinger during a live webinar, one of the co-creators of the “Chasm” framework in the 80s, later polished and popularized by Geoffrey Moore in the book “Crossing the Chasm”.

During the interview, Warren explained clearly how people’s behavior affects our innovations and…

Most people in this poll think that we buy technology instead of buying progress. I’ll show you why this approach does not help innovation.

I’ve launched a Twitter poll to see what people think is the best approach while developing new products/services. The poll has been featured among people with startup or entrepreneurial interests.

After looking at the results, I was surprised. To be honest, I was expecting a 65–70% for the “people…

Step by step guide from the problem statement to building a no-code MVP app to test a new product in the market: frameworks, tools, time spent and costs.

It has been almost one month since I started working in project, a virtual startup incubator that focuses on generate custom content for the problems of our entrepreneurs in order to accelerate their product-market fit.

In this article, I’ll share the process and tools I’ve used to go from…

How I resurrected my Twitter account after almost three years and managed to grow followers 18% in one month

It all started on November 19th, 2019, with the purpose of help others sharing experiences, reflections, and thoughts on Medium. After publishing some blog posts, I decided to push a little bit more for readers on Twitter and learn on the experiments to apply what best works to my company.

A personal story translated into 6 key takeaways for startups and product development

During the past vacation period, my partner and I reflected on what happened to us during the hotel checkout, and how hard it is to unveil the real Jobs-To-Be-Done the people are trying to do.

It was Jan 26th at Maui Kaanapali Villas, Hawaii. That day we had to take…

Questions and misconceptions about disruption theory are arising. What really matters is progress and to whom you are bringing your innovations.

Ultimately, I am facing multiple questions about what is or what is not disruptive in sites like Quora, and reading posts with misconceptions about disruptive innovation. I love to think about all of those questions and opinions. They help me to keep reflecting, and asking questions, to understand and keep…

…and what to do to implement strategic initiatives not matching your corporate culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast — Peter Drucker

This quote to Peter Drucker, commonly considered as the father of management, briefly summarizes the power of culture in all the elements composing a company. If culture eats strategy, it can eat whatever it wants.

But what is corporate culture? I would…

Jose Bermejo, MBA

Helping B2B SaaS/tech reduce sales-cycles and accelerate growth ➤ | GTM & Growth Strategy For Tech | Fractional CRO/CMO | IESE MBA

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