Enhorabuena por el articulo, pero sobretodo por el proyecto Scope Ale Donoso. Now let’s switch to English for respect to other readers ;)

In my experience, you’ve covered the most of pragmatic advice we can give young entrepreneurs, congratulations on your learnings. However, I would say that I am missing some points that I covered in my article https://medium.com/swlh/5-killer-tips-for-beginner-entrepreneurs-5af662204bc0 , which is good because our learnings and experience complement each other.

Regarding point 9, I have to sadly say that that is a particularity of the Spanish startup ecosystem in which we don’t have the same volume of VC, angel investors (and even culture) of what we have in the USA. Here if you have a good product-market fit growing in costumers and a good business model, you can raise money really fast.

Te conecto por Linkedin y Twitter. Estaria bien hacer una conexion Valencia-Andalucia, entre Seattle — Andalucia ;)

A por todas con Scope!

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Helping CEOs and founders [re]ignite revenue and create market-leading products. Market Engineer & Business Architect at illumify.pro

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