Hi Joe! I completely agree with your view + learned about the figures as I did not have them.

One month ago, I started to build https://growthseeker.io as a disrupting incubator model to provide opportunities to early-stage makers and founders worldwide with a community approach. It's another way to solve the problem you are describing that I'm (still) testing.

Warren Schirtzinger, the Chasm framework's father, is one of my partners and told me a couple of weeks ago to talk with you about our idea‪‪ and learn from your experience, way longer than ours...and this article it's the perfect Trigger!

If you are interested in talking, shoot me an email to hello@growthseeker.io, we'd love to jump on a call with you. Even we can join forces to solve the problem, we never know :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and figures in the article!

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Helping CEOs and founders [re]ignite revenue and create market-leading products. Market Engineer & Business Architect at illumify.pro

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